The Pathway Project

The Pathway Project works to support adults, young people and children, who are experiencing or affected by domestic abuse. Pathway aim to provide a range of high quality services, meeting the needs of abused adults and children, in a caring environment, founded by Kathy Coe in 1991.

‘When you are suffering domestic abuse, you feel isolated and alone. You lose so much freedom, self esteem and hope. The Hope Centre has been opened to provide that hope once again.’

The Centre is also a place where you can meet other survivors. They run a range of groups and training sessions. These range from Life skills sessions covering everything from cooking to writing CVs, to self-help group where you can find out how domestic abuse varies and how to protect yourself.

Going to the centre can also put you in touch with other services, such as floating support and counselling. They have a lot of help available to you, whether you want to leave your partner or stay with them. They can discuss your choices and support you in your decisions

We hope that you will join us in supporting the invaluable work that the charity does by attending the various events we will be holding throughout the year or donating via the link below.


If you or someone you love is a victim of domestic violence you can contact the Hope Centre anonymously using the details below for help.