Duncan Wade

Duncan Wade

Duncan describes himself as a painter who works within the medium of photography. His single-minded pursuit of detailed perfection has led his work to somewhere intensely unique within the art market and his resulting collectors now span the globe from Hong Kong to San Francisco. In a world where clarity and realism are commonplace, Duncan uses natural light to create images of another world just beyond our sight with recognisable landmarks, but not as we know them.

Like a painting, his work is built up with many layers, using multiple photographs of the same subject over varying periods of time to construct his unique images. Light exposure is nurtured and tended, guided, and directed with the resultant original artworks shining with a level of authenticity usually only achieved by observing a subject directly and over a period of time. Producing one-of-a-kind originals on Aluminium.

Each of the images from his Crystal City series tells a fragment of a story – a story that takes the viewer on a journey through a city he considers is unique and glorious – a buzzing landscape of excitement.

His work can be found in private collections around the world and is regularly exhibited in both London and New York.

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