Craig Foord

Craig Foord

Craig John Foord was born in 1986 in Brighton. He completed a National Diploma in Art and Design at Eastbourne College. He is an emerging original painter to the UK art scene, now taking centre stage in gallery walls across the country.

Displaying a vivid connection between nature and art, Craig has combined his initial profession as a tree surgeon with his passion for his artwork and sculpting.

His mixed media original paintings are breath taking, finished with a flawless resin glaze. Craig’s resin freestanding sculptures are equally as spectacular!

Craig has always had a strong emotional connection with outer space, and the exploration of other planets, this is reflected in his recent experiments with different medias, of late exploring abstract painting. Some of his more recent work has appeared on circular canvas’s. They are like that of a cool sun going down over the horizon but with colouring that provides a show stopping, otherworldly quality – as though we are looking at the sun in a far-off distance galaxy.

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