Carolina Arbuthnot

Carolina Arbuthnot

Carolina Arbuthnot was born in Chile but has spent most of her life in England and is currently living locally in Solihull.

Although Carolina studied medicine at Liverpool University and works as a haematologist, she has continued her passion for art since childhood and is self-taught. Over the past few years she has been exhibiting and selling her work at venues around Birmingham.

More recently, she has been represented within local galleries, her impactful originals have been well received and Carolina is quickly becoming an established artist, building a strong portfolio of collectors.

Carolina uses different mixed media in her artwork, including acrylic, resin, glitter and gems. Although her compositions are influenced by her surroundings, the climate and ever-changing light and colour, her paintings are ultimately derived from her imagination. She loves to create collections portraying stories of love, passion and friendship. With her Latin American roots, she loves to work with bright, bold and vivid colours, using glitter and gems to add sparkle and glamour to her collections.

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